The best motorcycle for your zero carbon fleet

Designed for professionals, our vehicles offer more for less.

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The full package

Subscribe to our Rental Plan, get the motorcycles at your doorstep and we take care of the rest.

Maintenance, insurance and taxes are aways taken care when you ride with an Origem.

Fast charging that is actually fast.

Keep riding, not waiting. No need to plug in.

It takes less than a minute to swap your battery for a fully charged one in any Swap Station of our network.

Smart. For real.

Unlimited mileage, 4G enabled, automatic software updates, built-in GPS.

Track your fleet and receive real time notifications on your app or on the web.

Unbeatable value offering.

Go further with the lowest Cost of Ownership in the professional market.

All our plans have fixed fees, providing the best value for your money.

A Network of Battery Swap Stations

Unlimited range.

Swap your batteries as many times as you need, at any time, in any station.

Efficacy, convenience and freedom to ride within our coverage area.

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  • Operational
  • Coming soon

Always expanding.

Soon, our stations will be available in more countries. We are currently selecting companies who wish to be a part of our network.

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Join the network